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Our certified professional staff of instructors offers personalized and choreographed
striptease, lap dancing, and floor moves classes. Whether a private lesson or a group
class, our team has the format just for you! Lessons can be taught in your home or at one
of our studios. Contact us today to schedule a series or workshop at your location. All
classes require pre-registration with payment to guarantee you a spot. Space is limited.

Call us at 214.454.6025 or email classes@teasingwithenvy.com
1. What should I wear to a class or workshop? You can typically wear workout
attire such as shorts, yoga pants, tank or T. Specialty or themed clothing will be
requested with the description of the class if needed. Shorts and Ts can be 2. Do I
have to wear heels? Heels are optional. We usually conduct class barefoot or in
tennis shoes.
3. Do I need to have dance experience? No. None at all. We will prepare you for
your sexy takeover!
4. Do I have to be a certain size to take the classes? Not at all. We would like all
sizes to feel comfortable when taking classes.
5. Do I have to pre-pay for a class? Yes, In order to ensure your reservation, we
ask that you pre-pay for class. We can not guarantee your spot without a
6. Do you have memberships? We offer a series of classes rather than monthly
memebrships. See the 6 Week Sexy Savage Series on our schedule for further